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Joseph C Ardizzone  DDS  PS
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Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: (253) 839-7270

For After Hours Emergency Assistance
  (253) 970-2395      

Having A Dental Emergency? 
Need An Emergency Dentist Or Urgent Dental Care? 
Broken Tooth, Cracked Tooth, Lost Filling Or Crown, 
Infected Tooth Or Jaw pain? 

For Immediate Dental Assistance,   Call 253.839.7270

Broken teeth, cracked teeth, fractured teeth, infected teeth, gum infections, jaw pain, traumatic dental injuries, motor vehicle accidents, chipped enamel, lost fillings,loose tooth, gum swellings, loose retainer, loose orthodontic bracket, broken crowns and broken bridges all seem to happen at the most inconvenient times for our patients. 

When you do not have the time in your busy schedule or just can't take off time from work today to come in to have the work done. The Federal Way Dental Center understands that these urgent dental emergencies are common every day occurences to our dental facility, but you may not know what to do in these situations.

Our professional and skilled staff will make every effort to work with you and your schedule to provide you the immediate dental health care you require. Our dental team works closely with your dental insurance and most other dental insurance carriers, to coordinate urgent treatment for you and minimize delay.

 Immediate dental assessment and emergency diagnosis often leads to "early diagnosis" and immediate dental care when required. Early dental assessment, leads to early dental treatment with professional dental intervention.

Although urgent dental care, is often required for acute dental conditions. Immediate dental evaluation may avoid many undesirable dental health consequences, such as more pronounced acute dental pain, jaw pain or increase swelling of the jaws, inability to chew or eat on fractured teeth or crowns.

Many times loose crowns or loose bridges may seem ok on the teeth, just a bit loose, but in fact these situation often may be a recipe for disaster which frequently lead to fractured roots, cracked teeth, and loss of the dental crown or bridge or even complete loss of the tooth, leading to tooth extraction, tooth removal and complete loss of dental restoration. 

Crowns and bridges have also been know so be swallowed by patients when eating. More serious dental conditions of patients walking around with loose crowns and loose bridges have lead to patients aspirating dental restorations into the trachea, bronchus or even lungs. These dental consequences are serious and often avoidable by early intervention, dental diagnosis and emergency dentistry being provided to the patient.

Dr Joseph Ardizzone, having been a comprehensive dentist, a University of Washington School of Dentistry Dentist and a caring dentist serving patients in Federal Way for nearly 20 years, has the knowledge, expertise and dental skills to provide immediate dental treatment and urgent dental care in these situations should it be required. We will help ease you of your of the situation, and assist you in providing you the Urgent dentistry and dental health care you need.

For Immediate Dental assistance,     Please Call 253-839-7270

Providing Urgent Dental Care in Federal Way, Des Moines, Auburn, Redondo, Browns Point, Twin Lakes, Fife, Tacoma and the greater Seattle metro area.

Dental Abscess?
Broken Tooth?
Broken crown?
Dental Infection?
Ascess Tooth?

Auto Accident?
Traumatic Injury?
Root Canal?
Need A Tooth pulled?
Crime Victim dental injuries we can help?
Having a dental emergency?  

Call Now If You Need Immediate Dental Treatment or Urgent Dental Care.

For Immediate Dental Assistance,  Call 253.839.7270

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Joseph C Ardizzone  DDS  PS
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Federal Way Dental Center

30317 16th Avenue South

Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone: (253) 839-7270



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